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Concussions / Traumatic Brain Injuries

A child who has experienced a concussion, traumatic brain injury, or bump to the head should she be seen by a pediatric developmental optometrist, in addition to their primary care physician.

A concussion or TBI (traumatic brain injury) can be caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head, or by a force to the body that causes the head and or neck to move back and forth. A person does not have to “black out” or lose consciousness to sustain a concussion. The more the medical community learns about concussions (even those that seem minor) the more we understand the harm that they can cause.

A concussion often causes changes to vision and to visual processing. Most of these changes are not detected through an exam with your child’s primary care physician or emergency room physician. While it is extremely important for your child to be seen by a primary care physician or emergency room physician, it is also critical to be seen by a pediatric eye doctor after experiencing a concussion. Following a concussion, children often experience slight changes in vision and/ or perception which can cause headaches, fatigue, changes in visual acuity, and changes in the way the eyes take in and process information (learning). With proper monitoring, attention, and treatment, some of the negative effects caused by a concussion or TBI can be corrected.

The following conditions can be caused by a concussion or TBI and should be evaluated by a doctor in our office. Please note, a young child or a patient with certain special needs may not notice or may not be able to adequately communicate that they are experiencing these symptoms. It is essential that a young child or a patient with special needs have an evaluation by a developmental optometrist following a concussion or suspected concussion. Our pediatric / developmental optometrists are uniquely qualified and experienced in evaluating children following head injuries. Our office is equipped with the latest child-specific vision equipment. We frequently examine children who are pre-verbal and /or non-verbal. In addition, we provide sports vision therapy, which can improve an athlete’s eye-hand coordination and depth perception, skills that are sometimes often altered by a concussion.

Blurry visionDouble visionLight sensitivityChanges in near or distance visionTilting of head while reading or watching television. Motion sickness or car-sickness.Reduction of attention spanIssues with working memoryChanges in depth-perception (can no longer hit or catch a ball)Falls or trip frequently If your child has experienced a concussion or TBI (traumatic brain injury) please call our office or email us and ask for a post-concussion evaluation with one of our pediatric optometrists.

The Solution Center is also equipped to evaluate and treat adult concussion patients. Please contact us for an appointment.