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Your Child’s IEP and Comprehensive Eye Exam

Has an IEP meeting been scheduled for your child?

The State of Ohio requires that a child who is being evaluated for an Individualized Education Program (IEP) receive an eye exam by an eye doctor (an optometrist or ophthalmologist).

Many parents are surprised to learn that an eye exam is required for an IEP. However, a comprehensive eye exam is very beneficial for a child who has or will have an IEP! At The Solution Center, we are experienced in providing comprehensive eye exams for children of all ages in the Columbus, Ohio area who are going to be evaluated for an IEP or who have an IEP. As pediatric developmental optometrists, we understand the relationship between vision, perception, and learning. In addition to performing the required eye examination, our doctors are able to provide insight into modifications that may help your child perform better at school.

Even if your child has passed vision screenings at school or at the pediatrician’s office he/she may still have a vision condition that affects his/her ability to fully and efficiently process information. A comprehensive eye exam that is provided by a developmental optometrist is not the same as a vision screening provided at school or at the pediatrician’s office. School nurse/ pediatrician vision screenings are intended to screen for distance vision issues. A comprehensive eye exam provided by an eye doctor is much more in-depth. The eye doctor will evaluate your child’s distance and near vision and will look at the overall health of the eyes. In addition, our eye doctors will examine how your child’s eyes are working together.

Did you know that a child (or adult) could have 20/20 vision and still have vision issues that can adversely affect their ability to read, focus their attention, and process information?

There are common vision issues that can cause slow reading speed, eye fatigue when reading, and poor comprehension. This can affect performance in reading, writing, math, and other academic subjects. In addition, vision issues (even in those with 20/20 vision) can affect performance in sports (catching a ball, hitting a ball, judging distance and depth perception).

Why Choose The Solution Center for You Child’s Vision Care and IEP vision evaluation?

We are not your ordinary eye doctors! All of the eye doctors at The Solution Center are Moms. We understand how difficult it is to have a child who is struggling. We know that you want the best for your child and that is exactly what we want, too.

We are a group of very experienced developmental pediatric optometrists. We spend time getting to know our patients. We’ll ask about their hobbies, their activities, and about school. Getting to know our patients helps us to evaluate their eye care needs. If this is your child’s first vision examination at our office, plan to spend up to 90 minutes for the entire experience. If your child becomes tired or sleepy, we will work his/her needs into our testing. Each child is treated as an individual and exams are appropriate for each child’s age and ability level. At the Solution Center, we welcome children of all ages (infants through teens) with all types of special needs, including but not limited to, patients with developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, individuals with traumatic brain injuries, patients with sensory integration challenges, and children with ADD, ADHD, and executive function issues. Please contact us at The Solution Center in Westerville, Ohio (937 Polaris Parkway) to schedule an appointment.