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About Dyslexia

Does your child reverse letters or numbers?

Has your child’s teacher recommended that s/he be evaluated for dyslexia or a reading and learning difficulty?

Often children who are exhibiting signs or symptoms of dyslexia (reversing letters or numbers), have underlying visual issues that are contributing to the symptoms. Although dyslexia is thought of a language / reading disorder, we need to ensure that the child is seeing the words correctly in order to interpret the sounds and meanings of the words. If a child is struggling to make the words on a page clear or not double, they are using a great deal of energy and effort (and often becoming frustrated) when that energy could have been spent on deciphering what they are looking at. Therefore, the child exhibits reading issues which are not based on their ability to sound out the code but rather to process the information visually.

Dyslexia, like ADHD with trouble focusing, has become an umbrella term to cover all difficulties with reading. The problem with this approach is that the child receives a label that may not be accurate. While we can not give your child the official diagnosis of dyslexia, we will test for the underlying cause of the symptoms. Often children who have been labelled with dyslexia have a visual processing dysfunction that can be corrected through vision therapy. Our doctors will test all of these areas. If it is found that vision therapy can not help correct your child’s reading difficulties, then we will refer you to one of the many professionals in the Columbus area who could help you further investigate your child’s diagnosis. Because 80% of what is learned in a classroom is brought in through the visual system, a comprehensive eye exam with a developmental optometrist is an important starting point for your child’s care.