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Is your child bothered by his/her inability to hit a baseball/softball?

Would you like to lower your golf score?

Is your child a talented athlete but odd mistakes on the field are keeping an athletic scholarship just out of reach?

Many athletes (recreational, college, and professional) use vision therapy to improve their performance. At The Solution Center, our eye doctors are recognized as among the best in the nation. Our Sports Therapy Program is designed to enhance the performance of athletes of all levels, by training key skills such as eye/hand coordination, reaction time, and depth perception.

There are several common visual disorders that can prevent a detected athlete from reaching his/her potential. Many of these cannot be detected through a standard eye exam.

  1. Eye Hand Coordination
  2. Convergence Insufficiency
  3. Strabismus
  4. Decreased Depth Perception
  5. Decreased Peripheral Awareness

Read What Our Sports Therapy Patients Have to Say

“My son, Joe, loves baseball. He’s not the most coordinated kid, but he always gives 100% during games and practices. When he moved from t-ball to coach pitch, he had a terrible time hitting the ball. We spent countless hours working with him, but nothing seemed to help. Not being able to hit the ball was killing him, but he didn’t want to quit, because he loves the sport.

Joe’s coaches pointed out that they didn’t think he could see the ball. We thought this was strange since his eye exams at the pediatrician’s office were always fine. We heard about The Solution Center and decided to take him in for an exam. Dr. Burns at The Solution Center discovered, through her exam, that Joe had eye teaming issues and that vision therapy could help him (this also explained his poor handwriting!).

Joe went through the prescribed vision therapy at The Solution Center. By the next baseball season, Joe could hit the ball. During one game, early in the season, Joe had several hits. I actually cried. When he made it to second base for the first time, his little teammates were high-fiving him and jumping up and down.

Some people may think it’s strange to take a 7 or 8 year old child for vision therapy to improve his baseball hitting skills. I don’t expect Joe to become a professional athlete but I do know that improving his hitting skills has made him happier than anything we have ever done for him. It has really improved his life.

-Stephanie, Columbus, Ohio (Mom of Joe, Most Improved Player of the NCSCardinals U9 Division, Summer 2010 )

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