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The doctors and staff are highly experienced in working with patients with special needs. For some patients, glasses may be recommended. For others, vision therapy is the best course of treatment.

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Vision Therapy Can Help Special Needs Children

  1. Has your child been diagnosed with  autism spectrum disorder?
  2. Does your child have an IEP?
  3. Does your child have sensory integration challenges?
  4. Has your loved one experienced a traumatic brain injury?
  5. Does your loved one have Down Syndrome?
  6. Does your child have severely reduced vision even when wearing glasses or contact lenses?
  7. Does your child have cerebral palsy?
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special needs downs syndrome girl with glasses

Vision Therapy Can Help

We will first determine how your loved one with special needs sees and processes visual information. This examination is tailored to each individual patient’s needs and abilities.

Vision therapy is an effective treatment to develop fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, and sensing one’s physical presence in relation to other objects/people. Overall eye health issues are also diagnosed and appropriate intervention will be discussed and implemented.