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Learning or Reading Difficulty

Vision Therapy for Patients with Learning or Reading Difficulties

Is your child not performing up to his/her potential in the classroom?

Does your child experience headaches when reading?

Does your child dislike to read?

Have you been told that your child has a processing problem? The College of Optometrists in Vision Development provides a wealth of information on vision, processing, perception, and learning.

Vision therapy often eliminates visual problems that interfere with academic achievement. Your child may not be able to articulate that the words appear to move on the page when reading. Many children do not realize that they are seeing differently. Occasional blur or double vision may contribute to losing one’s place while reading, becoming tired, and getting headaches while reading or doing schoolwork. Often, these symptoms are mistaken for lack of motivation or inability to concentrate.

When the causes of the visual problems are addressed using vision therapy, children make remarkable improvements in their academic work.

Vision therapy is not just for children. Many college students and adults/ professionals who are having issues with reading (headaches while reading, losing one’s place while reading, difficulty concentrating, slow reading) come to The Solution Center for vision therapy.

By performing a complete binocular vision and visual perceptual evaluation, we will determine if your child’s academic challenges are caused by an undetected visual problem.

Comprehensive Eye Exams Particularly Important for Classroom Success

The American Optometric Association (AOA) reminds parents that good vision is critical for many classroom tasks – from reading books or seeing a blackboard to viewing a computer screen. Without healthy vision, students can face unnecessary challenges not only in the classroom, but also to their mental, physical, social and emotional well being.

According to The American Optometric Association a comprehensive eye examination for students is among the most important evaluations as children head back to school, and yet it is often overlooked. In fact, one in four children have undetected vision problems. (Read the article)

Read What our Patients Are Saying

“Allie is a twin who has always been a little behind her sister in academics and sports. We did not think much of it until she entered into the 4th grade and was still having trouble reading and making sense of things. She had some trouble with sports i.e. directing the soccer ball where she wanted it to go.

Allie was thought to have ADD. We spent about 6 months getting her tested and knowing there was something going on, but could not pinpoint it. She started on ADD medicine and had terrible reactions to it, which was a sign that was did not in fact have ADD.

While at the internist's office, the nurse mentioned that her daughter had similar symptoms to Allie's and suggested vision therapy. FINALLY we got some answers!

Within three months, Allie was reading books at night to put herself to sleep. She was playing soccer better than ever and feeling very confident with herself.

I wish we had started her earlier in vision therapy, as now she is catching up on a lot of things she couldn't do before the vision therapy. She will eventually catch up though!”

-Allie’s Mom, Dublin, Ohio