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We change lives one pair of eyes at a time. We do this by going above and beyond in how we care for and serve others.

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What Makes Us Unique—Our Top Sought After Vision Services
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Pediatric Eye Exams

Children's Vision
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Vision Therapy

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Eyeglasses & Contacts

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Special Needs Vision Care

All Abilities Welcome
Vision is Complex—Not All Eye Exams Are the Same
Read Reviews from  Our Patients

Many thanks to the vision center for all the help!

The Solution Center has been instrumental in helping my son do better in school and to increase his confidence. The teachers at his (now former) school told me at the end of the year that they thought he may have ADD or dyslexia because his reading and spelling were behind schedule and he did not seem to be able to focus. I didn’t automatically believe them; not because I was afraid of a diagnosis of ADD or dyslexia, but because I knew they did not have enough facts to be able to tell me these things (he had not been tested by anyone at...
- Deb Rumsey, Westerville, Ohio

Not Your Ordinary+Optical, Optometrists, or Team

That’s Why we Look at How the Eyes & Brain Work Together