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Vision Therapy was fun!

Hi, my name is Caitlin Crum and my story starts with a day to the eye doctor. It was the second time I had ever been to the eye doctor and I received the news straight from the horse’s mouth; I had a lazy eye. This is something that I was born with, but since I never had anything to compare my vision to, I did not know I had it. In the mean time, I lived in Athens, Ohio on a farm complete with dogs, cats, and lots of cows. Almost every day for two years, I wore a patch over my glasses in order to make my lazy eye stronger. Vision Therapy was fun; I was able to play lots of games to make my eye stronger. I Spy books were my favorite. It has now been seven years since I was diagnosed and I have 20/20 vision with my glasses and reading has become more fun.

- Athens, Ohio