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My family thanks Dr. Cologgi for helping!

My son, John Wesley, who had really enjoyed reading, suddenly lost interest in all books. In an attempt to get him re-interested, I started reading with him. That was when he let me know that his eyes hurt and the words were doubling up.

He already had seen Dr. Cologgi before, so I knew he would be comfortable seeing her again. After many tests, she let me know what the problem was. We quickly set up appointments at The Solution Center for Vision Therapy.

My son really enjoyed his appointments…it was like coming in and playing fun games twice a week, for 4 months. Before he had completed all his sessions the books had come back out. At his 3 month check up, after the end of therapy he had made even another leap in improvement.

Now after a year since we discovered the problem, he is back to his enjoyment of books and reading, and even math and writing have become less of a struggle now that he can see proper spacing. My family thanks Dr. Cologgi for helping J.W. get back to his old reading self.

- Kimberly Elofson, Columbus, Ohio