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Improve my vision!

Vision Therapy – An Experience for the Better

At school I found it difficult taking notes. I would take time to focus at the board, then come back to my notebook and have to take time to focus so I could just write them down. Also, in tennis, I was missing more balls than I would usually, finding it harder to find them as they came closer to me. Another aggravating problem was, while reading, I would get dizzy and light-headed, and I would have to stop much sooner than I would have liked. My eyes were always failing at changing focus. All these problems led to terrible, migraine-like intensity headaches. I would have them nearly everyday, and would be popping Advil nearly constantly. I went to my regular optometrist, and she recommended I try vision therapy at the Solution Center. And I did.

I set my goals to fix the problems I mentioned above, and did the activities assigned. Right away my headaches, though not ceasing, decreased in intensity. Just weeks later, I rarely received headaches at all. My taking notes in school improved dramatically, and I could read for longer spans of time, accurately depicting the text on the page. Eventually, I had improved so quickly that I ended up graduating about 4 weeks or so early! Vision therapy changed my eyesight, and in the few years since I completed the treatment that I have not received a vision-related headache, the worst-case scenario of my conflicts. And so I thank all the vision therapists and doctors for the help to improve my vision!

- Joshua Bauman, Granville, Ohio