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I am particularly happy with the progress !

Vision Therapy from a Teacher’s Point of View

Corey’s teacher wrote this on his report grade the quarter before he started vision therapy:

Corey is an excellent student. He works very hard to improve and is a pleasure to teach. Currently Corey is reading below grade level and the curriculum has been adjusted to meet his educational needs. He needs to continue to progress as a student and work hard on his reading.

Here is what the teacher wrote about Corey when he was half way through vision therapy:

Corey is showing excellent growth in every area! He is a hard worker and is excited to learn.

The final report, written just days before vision therapy graduation:

Corey has had another good term. He has worked hard and has made nice growth. I am particularly happy with the progress that Corey has made with his reading comprehension. He seems to enjoy reading and is very pleased when he is successful.

- Corey ‘s Teacher