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FINALLY we got some answers!

Allie is a twin who has always been a little behind her sister in academic and sport skills.  We did not think much of it until she got into 4th grade and was still having trouble reading and making sense of things.  She had some trouble with sports i.e. directing the soccer ball where she wanted it to go.

Allie was thought to have ADD.  We spent about 6 months getting her tested and knowing there was something going on but could not pinpoint it.  She started on ADD medicine and reacted terribly to it.  That told us she was not ADD.  Back to square one.

We were in my internist office and the nurse mentioned that her daughter had similar symptoms as Allie and suggested vision therapy.  FINALLY we got some answers!

Within a three month period Allie was reading books at night to put herself to sleep—a first ever.  She was playing soccer much better and feeling very confident with herself.

I wish we had started her earlier in vision therapy since now she is playing catch up.  She will eventually catch up, however, how nice it would have been to have had that in elementary school vs. middle school.

- Allie’s Mom, Dublin, Ohio