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Professional Vision Care has always provided care for an under-served population – those with special needs. About 15 years ago, we opened The Solution Center which would exclusively serve the pediatric and special needs segment of the population.

While examining the eyes and treating patients with special needs, we often learn of organizations that serve them.One of our employees is an art lover. A few years ago, upon hearing of the Open Door Art Studio, she immediately visited the studio and promptly recognized the opportunity for Professional Vision Care to get involved and support these artists through their artwork.

Soon after, their artwork found itself beautifully displayed on our walls at The Solution Center. Each piece was given ample wall space and the artist’s picture, biography and purchase price were displayed right beside their artwork.

Unfortunately, people with special needs are viewed differently. We believe that this specific population needs to be given an opportunity to showcase their talents and support themselves if they so desire. By exposing their gifts and talents to the world, the label people ascribe to them can change from “people with special needs” to “artists”.

By highlighting the artists’ work on our walls, our staff and patients’ relatives have taken notice. A portion of their artwork has been sold and all proceeds have gone directly to the artists.