Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is the general name for neuro-optometric therapy used for improvement of coordination and perception (also called functional vision) of the two eyes as they gather, process, and integrate visual information. Recent research published in the American Optometric Association Journal has proven the effectiveness of this approach in resolving vision problems. The Solution Center provides the following vision therapy: friendly faces at The solution Center

1. Binocularity therapy

Includes equalizing the ability of each eye, improving eye teaming skills, and developing an efficient and functional visual system. This therapy is accomplished in three stages:


The patient learns to control their gaze and use their visual system to guide the other systems of their body.


The treatment of defects in binocular vision and/or muscle imbalance by the reeducation of visual habits, exercise, and visual training. This stage of therapy lasts for eight sessions and is the only portion of therapy that MAY be covered by insurance.


The patient uses the foundations that were established in the previous stages of vision therapy in “real life” scenarios. Activities at this level are designed to fine tune and cement previously learned skills, create autonomy of skills by adding cognitive loading, and increase the patient’s ability to perform skills for longer durations of time.

2. Oculomotor therapy

This therapy works with the movements of the eye. This program is often done after the completion of the binocularity section of therapy and includes work in the areas of fixation, pursuits and saccades.

3. Vision and Learning therapy

This therapy concentrates on processing and gathering information through the visual system. Vision and Learning includes the areas of: visual analysis, figure ground, visual closure, visual fine motor and many more.

4. Amblyopia therapy

This therapy is designed specifically for patients who have one eye that does not see as well as the other. Amblyopia therapy works to maximize the capabilities of the less functioning eye and then equalizes its skills with the other eye. Once this phase of therapy has been accomplished, the therapy then concentrates on training the two eyes to work together.

5. Sports Vision Therapy

Also called Vision Therapy for Athletes is a high level of therapy that builds off the techniques learned in binocularity and oculomotor therapy to train athletes. Special programs have been designed for all sports with emphasis on baseball/softball, basketball, football, and golf.

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Vision Therapy

Appointments for vision therapy are available during regular office hours. We also offer after school times, evenings, and Saturdays.


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