Does Your Child Run Out of Time on the SAT & ACT?

Many high school students, even those who are excellent students, have difficulty with the time limits on the SAT and ACT. Sadly, running out of time and leaving questions blank results in lower SAT / ACT scores. If your son or daughter is having trouble completing these tests within the time limits, call or email our office. Through an evaluation, our doctors can find out what is causing the problem. An undiagnosed visual issue can cause reading speeds to be slower. These issues are not detected through a pediatrician’s or school nurse’s office screening. Our developmental optometrists are very experienced in understanding and treating visual issues that effect perception and learning.

Not only are the ACT and SAT tests difficult to complete within the allotted time, they are also printed in tiny font with small line spacing. In addition, test takers are required to “bubble in” their answers on an answer sheet. Even a seemingly minor vision issue can cause a breakdown in the skills required to accurately complete these tests in a timely manner.

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Our Doctors

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