Get to Know Dr. Stutler

Get to Know Dr. Stutler

Why did you decide to become an optometrist? I always knew I wanted to work in the health care field. My sister, who was studying to be an eye doctor at the time, talked to me about how vision plays an important role in how we learn. I wanted to make sure all children had the visual skills to succeed.

What is the best part of your job? I love my job when I see a child who has their life changed through vision therapy. Most children do not know how they should be seeing and many children when they come to us have no vision concerns. I love talking with the child about how they will see after vision therapy. I love when they are able to accomplish their learning goals so much easier after they have completed vision therapy and are able to see the best they have ever seen.

What advice would you give to a parent who has a child who is struggling with reading or learning? Since 80% of what a child learns is through their vision, it is very important to have a comprehensive dilated eye exam including a binocular vision assessment. Not all eye doctors routinely perform binocular testing, so it is important to make the eye doctor aware of any academic concerns your child may be experiencing so the appropriate testing is completed.

Upcoming Vision & Learning Information Session Dates:
April 12th
May 17th
July 12th
August 23rd
at 6:30 pm at The Solution Center.



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