Get to Know Dr. Evans

Get to Know Dr. Evans

A Q&A with Dr. Nancy Evans

Why did you decide to become an optometrist?

I received my first pair of eyeglasses in the third grade, and was a regular “visitor” at my optometrist’s office as my eyesight continued to require stronger prescriptions each year. After spending so much time at the eye doctor’s office I decided it looked like a cool profession, plus I loved science. When I was fit with contact lenses late in middle school I was hooked!

What is the best part of your job?

Seeing the amazement of a child or adult now able to see clearly and comfortably never gets old. I also love that no two days are ever alike, as I am working with new patients, new families and new situations each day.
Getting to know my patients and their families while seeing them grow and change each year, is one of the best bonuses of my job!

What makes the Solution Center different from other optometry offices?

The Solution Center is filled with staff and Doctors who truly love working with children, and who strive to make each and every patient feel special. The enthusiasm of each and every staff member is contagious. The Solution Center is a fun but safe environment or children ranging from those with special needs to those coming in for their very first vision examination.
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Upcoming Vision & Learning Information Session Dates:
April 12th
May 17th
July 12th
August 23rd
at 6:30 pm at The Solution Center.



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