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Our office accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, personal checks, cash, health & vision insurance, HSA card accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts and Care Credit. See the list of insurance providers that our practice accepts

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General Information on Insurance and Payment at The Solution Center

If you do not have vision insurance but you do have medical insurance, your medical insurance may sometimes be billed for eye exams. Please contact our office for more information.

We realize that medical costs may be a financial burden for some families. If you are experiencing hardship, please ask us about options for payment including, Care Credit, our payment-in-full savings, and the sliding fee scale system.

We are providers for the following insurance companies

(please note, if we are not a provider for your insurance, you may pay out of pocket and we will provide you with all the necessary forms to submit to your insurance company. Your insurance company will reimburse you according to your plan).

Aetna: Aetna patients, please check with Aetna to see if your plans requires a referral for certain appointments.

Anthem – (However, we are not providers for Auto Company Anthem Plans).

Cigna – We are providers for Plans with VSP (Cigna Vision) + PPO and Open Access Plus (OA Plus) Plans

Eyemed: We are providers for Access and Discount Plans but NOT for Eyemed Select)

Humana: (OPERS and Gold Choice only)

Medicaid: (We are providers for Government Issued, Healthy Start/Healthy Families only)
(However, we are not providers for any MyCare plans, Molina, Caresource, UHC Community Plans, Aetna Better Health, or Buckeye Health Plan)

Medical Mutual:
We are providers for plans with cards that display Medical Mutual or SuperMed logo on card

Medigold: (Vision & Medical through VSP)

Metlife Vision (VSP)

OSU Prime Care / Ohio PPO Connect

United Health Care & Subsidiaries:
We are providers for:
However, we are NOT providers for UHC Community Health Plan-Medicaid Plan.

Value Vision: (Discount program through Medical Mutual)

Vision Plus

VSP: (We are providers for VSP, including the VSP through Aetna Better Health, but we are not providers for their medical).

Insurance info for Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is used to treat diagnosed vision conditions. In some cases, Vision Therapy is the only available and effective treatment option for these conditions. However, some insurance companies and managed care plans may deny or place severe limitations on coverage for Vision Therapy services as a cost-saving measure in the same way that orthodontics is usually denied by all insurances.

We will do our best to provide you and your insurance company with all of the information necessary to file your insurance claims. You must, however, realize that your insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company (and in some cases your employer). We have done our best to design our therapy program so that it will be covered by as many insurance companies as possible. However, it is not the policy of The Solution Center or Professional VisionCare to compromise our care or allow insurance companies to dictate our treatment plans. It is important to remember that the unwillingness of insurance companies to pay for these services does not reduce the need for obtaining treatment.

Insurance companies will not cover any therapy that they deem educational or as a treatment for learning issues. Therefore, oculomotor (eye movement), perceptual and cognitive therapies are not able to be coded for insurance coverage. The only type of therapy that may be covered is binocularity therapy as the insurance companies view it as a medical procedure. This educational versus medical paradigm is the main basis of most insurance companies’ denials and exclusions.

Our binocularity program is divided into three sections: Fixation, orthoptic, and application. The fixation part of therapy uses one eye at a time as a way of balancing and equalizing each eye’s skills so that they may perform efficiently together. This type of therapy is the foundation of binocularity treatment , however, unfortunately insurance companies refuse to cover it. The second part of therapy is orthoptic therapy. This is usually performed in the second block of therapy and is the section that has the greatest chance of being covered by insurances. The third section of therapy is called application. It is a specialized section of therapy which is designed to ensure that the patient will have a healthy, functional binocularity system in all scenarios. Due to the specialized nature of this treatment, it may or may not be covered by your insurance plan.

Please keep in mind that as you progress through your therapy program, the amount and type of therapy you require may change. This is due to progress being made more or less quickly than anticipated. The doctor in charge of your case will discuss this with you as you progress through therapy. We are here to provide the best possible care to you and your family. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

While Optometric vision therapy is not inexpensive,
 it should be seen as an investment in your child’s future.

We do realize however that the cost of vision therapy may be a financial burden for some families especially in cases of insurance denials, we have made special arrangements with CareCredit (, have payment in full savings, and a sliding fee scale system. Please do not hesitate to discuss this with us.

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