Eye Exams

Eye Exams

What to expect at Your Child’s Eye Exam at The Solution Center

When you come to The Solution Center for your child’s vision examination,
your child will be greeted with the inviting sounds of a familiar movie on a
large screen TV and the familiar smells of popcorn from our old-fashioned popcorn popper. Our child-friendly
atmosphere immediately takes any apprehension away. Your child will
feel at home when greeted by our expert, caring staff, all of whom are specially trained to communicate
with children.

If this is your child’s first vision examination at our office, plan to spend up to 90 minutes for the entire experience. If your child becomes tired or sleepy, we will work his/her needs into our testing.

Each child is treated as an individual and exams are appropriate for each child’s age and ability level. Our doctors are able to determine eyesight, whether an eye-turn or strabismus is present, the need and appropriate prescription for glasses, and the eye health for every patient.

Your child’s eyes may be slightly sensitive to light for 2-4 hours following their appointment. Each child is given a pair of temporary sunglasses to wear, if needed. The Solution Center waiting room

At The Solution Center we spend time getting to know our patients. We’ll ask about their hobbies, activities, and about school. Knowing our patients well helps us to determine their eye care needs.

Eye Exams for Patients with Special Needs

At the Solution Center, we welcome patients of all ages with all types of special needs, including but not limited to, patients with developmental delays, autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, individuals with traumatic brain injuries, and patients with sensory-integration challenges. Please contact our office for more information.

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Vision Therapy

Appointments for vision therapy are available during regular office hours. We also offer after school times, evenings, and Saturdays.


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