Professional Vison Care
Professional Vison Care
Professional Vison Care
Professional Vison Care


At The Solution Center in Westerville, Ohio we care for infants to teens, patients with special needs, and athletes of all ages. Our eye doctors are experienced and skilled in providing vision care and comprehensive eye exams for children with autism, autism spectrum disorders, and developmental delays. Some of the visual / neuro-optometric conditions we diagnose and treat are issues involving eye tracking, eye teaming, convergence insufficiency, strabismus, and amblyopia.

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Our Doctors

All of the doctors at The Solution Center have worked with children and with patients of all ages who have special needs for many years. As Developmental Optometrists (also called Behavioral Optometrists) our doctors focus not only on the health of the eyes but also on how the eyes and brain work together to process information. If your child is having reading or learning difficulties, has an eye turn, or has recently had a concussion, he or she should be evaluated by a developmental optometrist who provides neuro-optometric evaluation and treatment.
Dr. Carole Burns, Dr. Kyla Cologgi, Dr. William Lay, Dr. Amy Lay, Dr. Kristyne Edwards, Dr. Nancy Evans, Dr. Greg Nixon, Dr. Stacy Stutler, Dr. Brad Johnson, Dr. Mark Wright (emeritus)

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Vision & Learning Information Session Dates for Spring & Summer 2017

If your child is having difficulty in school with reading, math, organizational skills (often called “executive function skills”), in sports (difficulty hitting a baseball/softball), becomes tired or irritable during schoolwork, or is not living up to their potential, s/he may have an undiagnosed visual disorder. Attend our information session and find out how children, adults, and even college and professional athletes have benefited from vision therapy targeted to improve eye tracking, eye teaming, eye-hand coordination and other issues.

Our Next Vision & Learning Information Session is April 12th at 6:30pm.
The Solution Center 937 Polaris Woods Blvd, Suite B, Westerville, OH 43082. Please call or email our office to RSVP.
April 12th
May 17th
July 12th
August 23rd


Did you know? A concussion, even a minor one, can cause changes in vision and visual processing.

A concussion often causes changes to vision and to visual processing. Most of these changes are not detected through an exam with your child’s primary care physician or emergency room physician. While it is extremely important for your child to be seen by a primary care physician or emergency room physician, it is also critical to be seen by a pediatric eye doctor after experiencing a concussion. Following a concussion, children often experience slight changes in vision and/ or perception which can cause headaches, fatigue, changes in visual acuity, and changes in the way the eyes take in and process information (learning).
With proper monitoring, attention, and treatment, some of the negative effects caused by a concussion or TBI can be corrected.


PACE (Processing & Cognitive Enhancement) for Executive Function Skills

Enroll your child in a summer camp that will increase their overall ability to learn by strengthening their mental skills instead of teaching coping methods. Give us one hour a day this summer and we will give you a brand new student ready to return to school and excel. This is not a tutoring program but instead is a method to improve executive function skills. It’s one on one brain training!

To learn more, please attend our free workshop on March 16, 2016 at 6:30 pm at 937 Polaris Woods Blvd in Westerville. RSVP to Additional Information about PACE can be found here.


Does Your Child Run Out of Time on the SAT & ACT?

Many high school students, even those who are excellent students, have difficulty with the time limits on the SAT and ACT. Sadly, running out of time and leaving questions blank results in lower SAT / ACT scores.

Through an evaluation, our doctors can find out what is causing the problem. An undiagnosed visual issue can cause reading speeds to be slower. These issues are not detected through a pediatrician’s or school nurse’s office screening. Our developmental optometrists are very experienced in detecting, understanding, and treating visual issues that effect perception and learning. Contact our office for a comprehensive eye exam or a vision and learning evaluation to find out if an undiagnosed vision issue is slowing his or her reading speed.


Get to Know Dr. Stutler

Get to Know Dr. Stutler

Does your child have an upcoming appointment with Dr. Stutler? Read “Get to Know Dr. Stutler, A Q&A” to learn more about this very caring and experienced developmental optometrist.


What our
Patients Are Saying

In the game of baseball, nothing is more important than visual concentration and hand-eye coordination. I began my sports vision training as a freshman in high school. With the help and guidance of Dr. Bill Lay, as well as hard work on the baseball diamond, I became a starter my sophomore year …read more

Corey Keylor

I was getting headaches at school almost everyday. Dr. Stutler told me I should wear reading glasses. Now I don’t have headaches and I love my glasses.

Lily, age 12, Columbus, Ohio

My grades went up! I saw the biggest improvement in Language Arts and Social Studies. Since those classes are all about reading and writing, it makes sense that they are easier now.

Chris Hyme, Westerville, Ohio

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is used to improve the coordination and perception of the two eyes as they gather, process, and integrate visual information. If your child or loved one has one of the following conditions, he/she should be seen by a developmental optometrist for a comprehension vision examination:

  • Difficulty Reading or Learning
  • Not Living up to his/her potential in school
  • Autism
  • PDD
  • Asperger’s
  • Down’s Syndrome
  • Special Needs
  • Strabismus
  • Amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • Traumatic brain injury and concussions
  • Stroke

Our Doctors

Dr. Carole Burns, Dr. Kyla Cologgi, Dr. William Lay, Dr. Amy Lay, Dr. Kristyne Edwards, Dr. Nancy Evans, Dr. Greg Nixon, Dr. Stacy Stutler, Dr. Brad Johnson, Dr. Mark Wright (emeritus)